22Jul '14

Careless copy

You’ve spent hours editing images. You’ve spent thousands getting the project specified, the wireframes done, the planning detailed. Is there time for copy?

17Jun '14

The writers’ tools

Language is liberating, and restrictive!

06Jun '14

The accidental leader

Are you a leader without even realising it?

04Apr '14

Why should I care?

Give me a reason, please!

28Mar '14

The flexible writer

Writing isn’t just about putting shapes on ‘paper’.

19Mar '14

Keeping up appearances

A consistent approach will show customers that you’re a professional, reliable business.

31Jan '14

Burritos in Cheltenham

It may seem odd to write about burritos for my first post of 2014 but I thought it would be fun to mention a new(ish) local business which serves great food.

06Nov '13

Week one #NaNoWriMo

Week one is underway and I’m having heaps of fun already!

16Oct '13

Another year, another novel?

It’s (nearly) NaNoWriMo time again!

15Aug '13

Think first, update status second

Why do people make important business decisions without any consideration or research?